Sylvester Stallone Called a Photog the N Word

Move aside, Alec Baldwin. Sylvester Stallone has just outshined you in the “hurling offensive words at paparazzi” department. We’ve got a winner.

Thursday in Beverly Hills, Sylvester Stallone was walking around with his entourage (why does this guy even have an entourage?) while being followed by a few photogs when a mic picked up Sly complaining, “This f*cking ni**er here, this f*cker.” You can see the video on TMZ.

Later on in the video, a female photog asks Stallone, “Why the racial slurs?” Her questions went unanswered.

I’m pretty sure Stallone wasn’t expecting a camera mic to pick up what he said from so far away. He wasn’t shouting it at anyone, just making a comment to his group. Making it worse is he ended it with -er instead of -a. Though both versions are pretty bad. Especially coming from an Italian dude in a pork pie hat. That is THE worst.

Hopefully, today Stallone will push his black hairdresser in front of cameras and ask him if he thinks he’s a racist. Then when the hairdresser jokingly answers, “No, not in the least,” Stallone will frustratingly scream at him, “English! These people don’t understand no jive turkey!”

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