Arsenio Hall Goes in on Kanye West

In a recent interview, Kanye West name dropped Arsenio Hall saying he doesn’t want to be like him implying he “turned it up too much” and got fired. Hall fired back at a Grammy press conference yesterday taking exception to both being name dropped and Kanye’s use of the word “slave.”

Arsenio has some really good, logical criticism and doesn’t use theatrics. Which is why I don’t like this. How am I supposed to make fun of him now?

I’ll just stick to making fun of Kanye. It’s much easier. Like in this video of one of his concerts where he throws a fan out while wearing a jewel encrusted gimp mask because she kept shouting for him to take the mask off.

Woman, don’t you know Kanye is an artiste. You wouldn’t yell at Leonardo da Vinci to, “Paint her tits! Paint her tits!,” would you?

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10 years ago

It’s not really P.C. to make fun of someone who has “mental health issues.”

Kyle Richards Is A Whore
Kyle Richards Is A Whore
10 years ago

Wish Kayne West would have died in that car crash.