Everyone Hates the Kardashians Now

It only took six years, but people are finally starting to get tired of seeing the Kardashians everywhere. Says one magazine insider, “It’s over. The fatigue factor has really set in.” *Falls to knees, thanks god*

Weeklies have been moving less and less issues with a Kardashian on them. Despite Us Weekly paying $110,000 for a photoshopped Kim Kardashian in a white bikini, they sold fewer than 400,000 copies. Meanwhile In Touch dropped 70,000 copies from its average circulation with its Kardashian cover while Life & Style dropped 50,000. Star Magazine felt a similar sting for their issue touting the Kris and Bruce divorce.

One publisher says it’s all Kanye West’s fault. “I think it’s because Kanye West is so nasty and aggressive. People don’t like him. It’s rubbed off on Kim, It’s rubbed off on the whole family.”

Another attributes the drop-off to oversaturation. “It’s simple — overkill. The Kardashians are everywhere. They never take a break.”

I say it’s because Kim got pregnant and had a baby. People don’t want to read about mom stuff. Before it was all about her big ass and huge tits. Now it’s all about baby weight, lactating and nurseries. No one wants to see her fat ass pushing around a stroller talking about how many bottles she milked herself into that morning. Ugh, blech.

It’s probably why Kris Jenner is whoring out Kylie and Kendall. As you can see by Kylie’s recent Instagram post, it’s coming along nicely.

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8 years ago

Normal people have always hated them.

8 years ago

I hate them with a vengeance! I wish they would all die, at the same time!

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