Girl Sells Mistletoe to Help Father Pay for Her Braces, Told to Beg Instead

Madison Root, a 11 year old out of Portland, Oregon, decided to sell mistletoe to help her father, Ashton Root, pay for her braces. Unfortunately, a grinch in the form of a security guard, made her stop and told her she needed a permit from the city. Even more shocking, according to the father,

…the guard told them that his daughter could beg for money, but she couldn’t sell the mistletoe or even give it away and ask for a donation.

That security guard should’ve taken that stick out of his butt and beat some common sense into himself. Look the other way and let the kid sell some mistletoe. Here’s a kid who wants to help her father AND comes up with solution to do it. Both should’ve been rewarded, not thwarted.

Luckily, the story received some attention and,

…a man called and bought 30 bags of mistletoe, [Ashton] Root said. Then Ken Cook, owner of McKenzie Farms, called Monday and donated $1,000 to Madison Root’s braces fund.

Next time you’re in Portland getting harassed for pot or change, you’ll know why. Then again, what do you expect from a city that forbids you to pump your own gas.

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