Henry Rollins Has No Idea Who Daft Punk, Miley Cyrus or Robin Thicke Are

Rolling Stone asked Henry Rollins about the biggest artists of 2013. Considering he used to front Black Flag and he’s 52 now, it’s no surprise he has no idea what Rolling Stone was talking about. Get off his lawn.

Did you follow any of the bigger things, like Daft Punk or “Blurred Lines”?
I’ve never heard Daft Punk; I’ve never heard a track of theirs in my life. They’re the two guys with motorcycle helmets on?

A little strange because it’s not like they’re an entirely new group. They’ve had hits dating back to 1997. 2001 at least.

Yeah, they dress up like robots.
You know what, you will take this any way you will. That to me is like Rolling Stone music. It’s the s**t that’s in your magazine. And it’s like, that world. . . I’m so glad that you all have found your people, but that world is so alienating to me. Anything that gets on the Grammys or the American Music Awards. . . like, was Miley Cyrus on the cover of your magazine?

She was.
Yeah, see, I like real music. John Coltrane’s my favorite musician, what am I doing reading Rolling Stone? You know what I mean?

Ah, yes. The elitist who thinks only the music he likes is real music. Henry Rollins is awesome and I love Black Flag and his stand-up, but he sounds like one of those people who always starts sentences with, “back in my day,” before shaking his cane at you young whippersnappers. Though I guess we’re more alike than not.

You don’t give a s**t about her [Miley Cyrus].
Well, I don’t. She’s part of that bigger world of music I was just talking about. All of it to me is like, long may it wave, I don’t have anything against anyone doing their thing, but it’s just not for me. And Robin Thicke, is that the guy? I have no idea what he sounds like. I’ve never heard Kelly Clarkson, I just, I live in a different musical world.

I can see where he’s coming from. The only reason I know who Robin Thicke is is because he got Emily Ratajkwoski to bounce around topless in “Blurred Lines.” Why is that even called a music video anyway? I’m 99% sure there aren’t even any lyrics to that song.

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