Jennifer Lawrence Drinks Budweiser, World’s Love Affair With Her Is Over

Jennifer Lawrence made a shocking revelation. She’s a normal person who drinks normal people beer just like the rest of us who don’t know any better.

At a hotel doing promotions for American Hustle, Lawrence was faced with a plethora of artisanal beers. Jennifer Lawrence knows f*ck all about artisinal beers. And why would she? She’s 23 for god’s sake. I was still drinking Popov at that age.

“I’m a Budweiser person. So I don’t really understand,” she says, as the waitress goes to great lengths to explain the intricate differences between the pale ales on offer.

Gasp! Jennifer Lawrence drinks piss water? People will undoubtedly spin her lack of beer knowledge into another “aww, that’s adorable” quality adding to her mythos even more. Seriously, this chick could drown a kitten and people would just bat their eyelashes at her and point out how passionate she is about pet overpopulation.

  • Mare

    So, who is she blaming for any hurricane for every other hurricane in the past?

  • Bill Miles

    Wow. There is not one word in the quotes you gave that supports the title of this post. Donald Trump doesn’t believe in global warming. Although it doesn’t cause hurricanes, it does make them worse because warm waters cause stronger ones – and people voted for him, which in her mind means they voted for someone who doesn’t want to fix it. That is all. Horrible article.

  • bumpper

    Two years. Nine months pregnant and fifteen months with the baby before returning to work. Her current significant other likes to knock up his flames so why not this immature girl?

  • TurkeyBacon

    Yeah it sucked for her. If she was my daughter, I;d be pissed at want to sue everyone involved.

    As to Weinstein, let’s remember that the actresses who sucked him dry and boned him have absolutely NOTHING to gain by coming forward and admitting that they got their careers by screwing that walking hair carpet. So none of them will. Why admit you got that lead role due to your casting couch abilities, even if a victim? They want no part of that. And Hollywood is filled with those women. And they ain’t talking. #metoo?

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