The Kardashian Christmas Card Looks Fantastic

The Kardashians have unveiled their 2013 Kristmas Kard. Shot by David LaChapelle, the shoot features them in a room filled with dollar bills and money signs and standing on a pile of gossip mags. Is it a metaphor signifying the voyeuristic and superficial culture nurtured by the Kardashians? Or is it because it just looks cool? Like holding a gun sideways?

Lamar Odom, Kanye West, Rob Kardashian and Scott Disick aren’t in the shoot as the original plan was to feature only the Kardashian women. The only reason Bruce Jenner is in it is due to him whining about how it’s supposed to be he and Kris’ Christmas card. God. What a baby. How can he expect to be part of the shoot when he hasn’t even shown his nips on social media yet?

The jokes on him though. No one even realizes he’s in this thing because they made him stand in a glass case.

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