Kate Gosselin Wants a 6ft Physically Fit Childless Boyfriend

Kate Gosselin’s life isn’t going as planned. She’s 38, she’s suing her ex-husband, her cookbook flopped (only 16,000 pre-orders), she didn’t get a new reality show, she’s got 8 kids, she’s single and she’s strapped for cash. But at least she’s ready to start going out on dates. As long as the guy is 6 feet tall, physically fit, rich and has no children. Says OK! via Classicalite:

“Kate is lonely and wants to meet her match. She has told all of her friends that she wants to be set up and she’s got a very specific list this time around. She’s older and wiser and coming from a much better place, so she’s not willing to settle for anything less. She says she needs a man who is financially stable, because she doesn’t want to have to worry about money. She’s even said she wants a guy at least 6 feet tall and physically fit. She would prefer a man without children, but that’s not written on stone. She’s open to single dads, too, because the most important thing is that he loves her kids.”

Someone should break it to Kate that beggars can’t be choosers. You want to know the qualities an at least 6ft, physically fit, rich, single, childless guy looks for in a woman?

#1 – Not Kate Gosselin.

Kate must be high if she thinks a guy like that would want to subject himself to 8 screaming kids and a nagging shrew. The only way this is going to happen is if she starts stocking up on rags and chloroform.

  • bobalouski

    But, if she only had a brain.

  • debbiehm

    One error here…she’s no longer suing Jon or the Robert Hoffman over the book…She finally realized she has no case because it’s all true and Robert got the diaries LEGALLY because in her haste to get John out of the house, she threw out all of her files and things with him…good enough…Now go read Hoffmans book and find out just how evil this woman really is…you won’t believe it…

  • Dieselmush

    I’m out of shape and poor, and I still would not do it.

    • Lucy Di Poce Bonomo


  • LaniH

    That’s quite a list. Any guy financially stable would not be so for very long if he was UNSTABLE enough to hook up with the money – grubbing unfit Mommy Kate. Just look at what she did to husband number 1. She got the house, most of the money and the kids and all the money from Kate+8 and she went through the majority of it on things like designer clothes, plastic surgery, an expensive sports car and let’s not forget maintenance on that godawful hair. Yes, she is a real catch. Where can I find a copy of Hoffman’s book?

    • Okay?

      Godawful hair? Her hair looks fine to me now. Before, it looked like crap but medium length, blonde hair is not “Godawful”.

      • lukebandit

        check it out her hair now. Google Baltimore Book Festival kate Gosselin cooking demo. her hair is ragggggeeeedddd. ragged.

  • Just a Thought

    I’m not defending Kate’s outrageous attitude and behavior but there is one thing that bothers me about this article. When my friends talk about meeting a guy, the first thing they say is “he needs to be independent and financially stable”. Not because they are money-hungry, but because who wants a man that they have to support? I don’t see anything wrong with that. She has 8 children, she doesn’t want to have to support another person.

    • Lucy Di Poce Bonomo

      What’s wrong with this picture is that the kids have supported her. She is money hungry and that’s all she is looking for in a man….money so that she can sit on her hiney all day. Remember what her daughter Mady said, “My mom is the queen bee that sits on her chair barking orders all day.”

  • NoneBuriedDeeper

    She was a major bitch to her ex-husband. Why would any man and a man with money want to put up with her?

  • Christina

    She is a normal human being like everyone else. She has 8 kids to support and needs to be wise about her choices. She has made mistakes and has in public apologized for some of her not so good choices. She, admitted she was not always the nicest to Jon, but we all know he is no “angel’ either! I like her.. I think she is doing what any other mother in “her” situation would do. Nothing is free in life. You gotta work for it and if i had 8 kids and their father left for whatever reason I would still have to move on… You live and learn…

  • Dan

    What is it with women and the tall guy thing? Honestly, i’m 5’9, ripped, and an alpha male. Some of the biggest wussies I’ve ever met in my life have been tall. Just because a guy’s tall that doesn’t mean he’s an alpha male, a protector, or tough. I’d take a lion over an giraffe any day.

  • Kyle Richards Is A Whore

    And a 6 foot tall childless, physically fit man wants a hot, young, childless, dumb girlfriend.

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