Kate Gosselin Wants a 6ft Physically Fit Childless Boyfriend

Kate Gosselin’s life isn’t going as planned. She’s 38, she’s suing her ex-husband, her cookbook flopped (only 16,000 pre-orders), she didn’t get a new reality show, she’s got 8 kids, she’s single and she’s strapped for cash. But at least she’s ready to start going out on dates. As long as the guy is 6 feet tall, physically fit, rich and has no children. Says OK! via Classicalite:

“Kate is lonely and wants to meet her match. She has told all of her friends that she wants to be set up and she’s got a very specific list this time around. She’s older and wiser and coming from a much better place, so she’s not willing to settle for anything less. She says she needs a man who is financially stable, because she doesn’t want to have to worry about money. She’s even said she wants a guy at least 6 feet tall and physically fit. She would prefer a man without children, but that’s not written on stone. She’s open to single dads, too, because the most important thing is that he loves her kids.”

Someone should break it to Kate that beggars can’t be choosers. You want to know the qualities an at least 6ft, physically fit, rich, single, childless guy looks for in a woman?

#1 – Not Kate Gosselin.

Kate must be high if she thinks a guy like that would want to subject himself to 8 screaming kids and a nagging shrew. The only way this is going to happen is if she starts stocking up on rags and chloroform.