A Mechanical Failure While Street Racing May Have Led to Paul Walker’s Death

The $500,000 Porsche Carrera GT that Paul Walker and Roger Rodas were riding in may have suffered a mechanical failure which led to their deaths. Sources at the body shop the car was stored and maintained at believe a steering fluid leak may have caused the crash.

Sources connected to Always Evolving (AE), the shop owned co-owned by Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, say they noticed evidence of a fluid burst and subsequent fluid trail before the skid marks at the accident site.

AE claims that if Roger had lost control, the skid marks would show swerving, but instead they were in a straight line. Adding to the theory that it was a fluid leak is how fast the fire spread to the front of the car. Usually, the fire would start at the rear where the engine is.

Sources also note that the car was not modified and driven rarely so any failure would be a factory defect. Adding,¬†“Roger was a world class driver” and that him losing control, even if he was speeding, was ridiculous. Well, obviously Roger was an infallible driving machine and it was Porsche’s fault. That settles that.

Police are also investigating the possibility that Walker and Rodas were in the middle of a street race before the crash. Investigators received tips that the two had been racing before the accident and that high speed may have contributed to the wreck that killed both of them.

The area they were driving in has a history of street racing. Cops are looking for video and witnesses to corroborate the story.

Wow. Who would have guessed speed was a factor. Have cops even seen pictures of the car after the accident? It looks like half of it disappeared into a black hole.

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10 years ago

Porsche Carrera GT has a carbon fiber chassis. In a fire, it’s burn, even standing still making “half of it disappeared into a black hole.”