Miley Cyrus Flashed Her Boobs

In a show of support for Free the Nipple, Miley Cyrus flashed her boobs on Twitter over the weekend. Granted, she covered everything up with stickers so the message was diluted a bit and, unfortunately, it made her look a little like Justin Bieber. All I’m saying is this could have turned out way better than it did.

If you didn’t know, Free the Nipple is a movement which argues that if men are allowed to go topless in public, women should be afforded the same right without fear of being arrested for indecency.

My god. She’s right. For far too long have women been denied the basic human right of showing their nipples in public. I, for one, will no longer stand for it and will make it my life’s mission to free the titties. Who’s with me?!

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Kyle Richards Is A Whore
Kyle Richards Is A Whore
10 years ago

Wow this cunt is dumb? She censored her nipples so she’s actually helping the anti-showing nipple in public community.

10 years ago

She’s Bieber with boobs…she’s Beiber.