Miley Cyrus Got White Girl Wasted in Vegas

Miley Cyrus hosted a party after Britney Spears’ debut Vegas concert at the new Beacher’s Madhouse in MGM last Friday. Among the attendees were Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Mario Lopez, Adam Lambert, Emile Hirsch, David Copperfield, DJ Pauly D, Mark Salling and her friend with benefit, Kellan Lutz aka The Most Charismatic Man In All Of History. He can silently stare into a camera like nobody’s business.

She did what every 21-year-old white girl does in Vegas which is grind up on both her assistant and best friend Cheyne Thomas, make out with some chick and fist pump. God, I love that place.

No word on whether Cyrus and Lutz are dating or what (according to Us it’s a “fling”), but I’d like to think during foreplay, Miley just puts her finger to his lips and coos, “Shh! Don’t ruin this by talking.”

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Kyle Richards Is A Whore
Kyle Richards Is A Whore
10 years ago

She should take a fully loaded assault weapon shoot a bunch of nigs and then kill herself so people would actually love her.