‘Nurse 3D’ Trailer Features Girl on Girl

Paz de la Huerta and Katrina Bowden star in Nurse 3D. A typical love story about a nurse who falls for her co-worker, date rapes her and stalks her until the end of time. She also lures unfaithful men and kills them but that doesn’t seem central to the plot. In fact, the trailer doesn’t even mention any of that. It just shows Huerta and Bowden making out and then lots of stalking. So less a femme fatale and more of a crazy rapist. (h/t FilmDrunk)

Filming must have been aggravating too if you’ve heard the stories about her. Quoting a source who works on the set of Boardwalk Empire, Warming Glow says Huerta is basically insane and has no modesty.

I’ve told her stories too many times. She’s a crazy bitch. She would come drugged up to set. Would walk around naked (not that that’s a bad thing), she would shave her pu**y in front of crew, she had her period one time and asked the AD (assistant director) for a tissue for her “pu**y” and then she left said bloody tissue on set and in the bathroom. This one time she made a PA go into the bathroom with her and made the girl PA hold her hand while she took a sh*t. She would always be screaming and crying on set. Causing all kinds of scenes. Her dialogue or scene for a normal actress should take a few hours max. Paz would f**king have like 3 lines of dialogue and it would be an entire day. It was brutal. She also brought her black life coach to set. It was ridiculous. Unfortunately, I never got to smell her though.

On the bright side, at least she didn’t helicopter a freshly used tampon above her head during shooting. Sometimes, you just have to put things in perspective.

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10 years ago

No doubt the trailer is better than the movie.

10 years ago

Why won’t that psycho-bitch Paz wear eye make up? She always looks like she’s been throwing up for hours…

The Blemish
10 years ago
Reply to  bobalouski

I’m pretty sure that’s because she has.