Paul Walker Was No Stranger to High Speed

While street racing has been ruled out as a possible cause for the crash what with surveillance and cell phone footage showing the Porsche to be the only car on the road at the time, it’s to be noted that Paul Walker was no stranger to high speeds.

Though he wasn’t driving the car that killed him this weekend, Paul Walker did have a love for speed. In the video below (forward to 3:05), he was testing some Porsches in Japan and admitted to driving close to 185mph. Not a big deal for track speed. However, Walker confessed to hitting that mark on the freeway. Yikes.

He didn’t mention the location of this freeway, but it definitely wasn’t the 405 in LA. The only way to hit 185mph anywhere in LA is to close your eyes and dream about it, while you’re stuck in rush hour traffic.

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