Shia LaBeouf Has Never Had an Original Thought

Ever since Shia LaBeouf was found to have plagiarized Daniel Clowes’ illustrated short for his short film, people have been taking a closer look at what he’s done in the past and after. Turns out this has been going on for a while and he’s never had an original thought.

Buzzfeed discovered that LaBeouf’s niche comic books share similar themes, stores and even words from uncredited writers. Like in his book Let’s Fucking Party. LaBeouf seemingly lifts passages from late writer Charles Bukowski.

“Poets don’t anger anyone. Poets don’t gamble. Here, they don’t assassinate poets. Here, they don’t notice them.”

Bukowski wrote:

“in america the poets never anger anybody.
the poets don’t gamble.

their poetry has the smell of clinics
their poetry has the smell of clinics
where people die rather than live.

here they don’t assassinate poets

they don’t even notice the poets.”

LaBeouf’s other comic, Stale N Mate, features passages re-appropriated from a novel by French writer Benoît Duteurte titled The Little Girl and the Cigarette.

For example, LaBeouf wrote:

“Seemingly indifferent to the fate that awaited him – Donal Thomas continued to look obstinate in the antechamber of the execution room. A silent exchange pitted the condemned man.”

While Duteurtre wrote:

“Seemingly indifferent to the fate that awaited him, Désiré Johnson continued to look obstinate. In the antechamber of the execution room a silent exchange pitted the condemned man…”

Even the first apology he gave for plagiarizing Clowes seemed cobbled together from other sources. LaBeouf then gave a second apology on Wednesday where he wrote, “I have let my family down, and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart.” The Film Stage realized it was taken word for word from Tiger Woods’ 2009 apology for infidelity. He also tweeted, “I was wrong, terribly wrong. I owe it to future generations to explain why,” which was taken from Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara’s memoir.

It’s probably why Shia doesn’t talk that much. If you want to hold a conversation with him, he’s going to need his Kindle to flip through.

  • The guy is a pretty decent actor, and could be doing a lot better for himself if only he’d straighten up and fly right. I hope he gets himself sorted out before he does something TRULY stupid and winds up working at McDonald’s for a living. (No insult intended towards Mickey D employees…)

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