Topless Gillian Anderson Poses With an Eel for Charity

Fishlove, a charity raising awareness about the impact of overfishing on the earth’s marine ecosystem, are using celebrities to draw attention to their cause. Much like PETA, the celebs pose naked. In this case, with dead marine animals. *Fans self*

The latest famous person to join the cause is Gillian Anderson who poses naked with a dead eel draped around her neck like a fine mink shawl. It’s terrible. That’s not going to keep her warm at all.

Past celebrities who have posed for the charity include Sir Ben Kingsley, who’s simply naked holding a dead octopus, and Lizzy Jagger, who looks a little too happy to be riding a tuna.

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10 years ago

Egads! She be way too old to be showin’ her flabby titties!