Two Drivers Charged With DUI Trying to Pick Up Friend Charged With DUI

In what seems like the human centipede of DUIs, three drivers were charged with driving under the influence one after another as they tried to pick each other up from the police station.

It all started early Monday morning at 1:45 am when a patrolman stopped a car for swerving on Route 22 in Jersey. The driver, Carmen Reategui, 34, was asked to perform field sobriety tests which she failed. She was arrested and taken to the station for processing. She was charged with DUI, failure to stay in her lane and failure to provide an insurance card.

Since she was unable to drive home, Reategui called her friend, Nina Petracca, 23, to come pick her up. Upon arriving at the station, a patrolman detected alcohol on Petracca’s breath while he was explaining the liability form to her. She was then asked to do sobriety tests in the station lobby. She failed. Petracca was arrested and charged with DUI and driving while in possession of a controlled dangerous substance after finding seven Vicodin in an unlabeled container in her purse.

Unable to make it home, both drivers then called a third friend, Ryan Hogan, 33. When he got to the station, he was asked how he got there. Hogan said he drove. As an officer explained the potential liability form to him, they detected alcohol on his breath as well. Hogan failed his sobriety tests and was charged with DWI.

The three drivers finally found a sober adult who they were later released to.

Luckily none of them killed anybody because this story would have been decidedly less funny.

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