Woman Glued To Toilet Seat At Home Depot, Carried Out Like Cleopatra

Next time you sit down on a public toilet seat, be sure to use a seat protector. Ilyanna De La Keur of Georgia discovered that the hard way. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, she found herself glued to a toilet seat and rescuers had to carry her out of the bathroom on her throne just like a queen. Wave to the masses, Ilyanna!

NY Daily News says “… a prankster had brushed it [the toilet seat] with strong adhesive”. Loctite GO2 adhesive to be specific. We assume it was a prank, and not the work of the Illuminati. De La Keur had to wait 25 minutes for someone to notice she was trapped, and afterwards, paramedics had to deploy WD-40 to remove the seat from her butt right out there in parking lot.

“It was not funny. Whoever decided to do this, it wasn’t funny,” De la Keur told a reporter. “It definitely wasn’t. They need to catch this troublemaker”, added an anonymous Home Depot customer, waving a Craftsman screwdriver glued to his hand, for emphasis.

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