An Actor Once Asked the CIA for $50,000 in High End Cocaine

CIA whistleblower John Rizzo dropped some bombshells about the organization’s ties to Hollywood and Washington in his tell all, Company Man: Thirty Years of Controversy and Crisis in the CIA.

Rizzo, who served as acting general counsel for the entire CIA, claims that “the CIA has long had a special relationship with the entertainment industry, devoting considerable attention to fostering relationships with Hollywood movers and shakers: studio executives, producers, directors and big-name actors.”

He explains that relationships with the Hollywood elite allows the CIA entrée to people and places abroad as heads of state want to meet and get cozy with them.

Rizzo claims a major film star at the time once approached them out of the blue offering his services. The only catch was, instead of being paid with money, he wanted to be paid with $50,000 in the best cocaine the CIA could find.

“As our guy related his story, I wondered to myself, why is he telling me this?” he admits. “It all sounded perfectly fine to me. It was kind of cool actually. And then he got to the kicker.”

“There is one little kicker,” Rizzo claims his underling said. “The actor refuses to take any money, but he told us that instead all he wants of us is to score him the best fifty-thousand-dollar stash of cocaine we can find. He seems to think we can get the real primo stuff. So that’s why I’m here. Is it ok for us to do it?”

“‘Uh, no,’” I managed to get out of my agape mouth,” Rizzo remembers. But the other agent wouldn’t back down from the potential deal.

“We know a way to get some easily,’ our guy added hopefully,” Rizzo writes. “I definitely wasn’t eager to learn how, so I just repeated my response ‘No. No way. Forget it.’”

“I later learned that the actor did provide some assistance to the CIA on a particular project,” he admits. “I was assured that his services were totally gratis.”

Charlie Sheen. It was Charlie Sheen, wasn’t it. I bet it was Charlie Sheen. I don’t care that he said “film star.” Gotta be Charlie Sheen.

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8 years ago

Charlie sheen used to do tons of movies

The Blemish
8 years ago
Reply to  Amanda_56

Yea, I was thinking it was from the Hot Shots era, etc. Just wasn’t sure what period he was talking about. He hasn’t been a film star in a while.

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