Did Anyone Know What Ozzy Was Saying Last Night?

Last night at the Grammys, Ozzy Osbourne joined his Black Sabbath bandmates to introduce Ringo Starr. The problem was the only way anyone could figure out that that’s what was happening was because Ringo Starr magically appeared after Ozzy recited an incantation.

Said Ozzy, “For me the greatest band ever were…guh cah uhh uh. For me the greatest band ever will always be on my mind. It’s called.”

Geezer Butler then started cracking up before finishing the introduction.

Backstage, Ozzy told the press, “I completely fucked it up.” They asked him what he was supposed to say but, once again, no one could understand him.

Talking to Ozzy must be the most frustrating thing in the world. It’d just be 2 minutes of him blubbering something to you followed by 5 minutes of you staring at him and loudly asking, “DO. YOU. SPEAK. ENGLISH? EEEEENGLISH?!”

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9 years ago

Drugs are so wonderful