Celebrate This Thursday With Naked Emily Ratajkowski Videos

It’s Thursday, January 9, 2014 and the government has just recognized today as naked Emily Ratajkowski Video Day. So won’t you join me in celebrating this joyous occasion with two videos of Emily bouncing around in her birthday suit? Please? As long as we make eye contact, it won’t be weird.

First up is a shoot for Treats! magazine by Steve Shaw. It features a completely nude Emily Ratajkowski. It’s really artsy. Having said that, you’re not going to get away with watching this at work. Unless your boss really appreciates the female form and says stuff like, “C’est magnifique!,” before kissing his fingers and exploding them outward.

Next up is actually a supercut of a bunch of Emily Ratajkowski shoots. Some nude, some half nude, some barely nude. It probably took around 36 hours to make this as I assume the guy took breaks every 5 minutes to rub one out.

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