Chris Pratt Has Started Feeding His Family Squirrels

Anna Faris was on Jimmy Kimmel promoting her CBS show Mom when Kimmel brought up the fact that her husband, Chris Pratt, had mentioned he was planning on hunting and cooking squirrels for her family over Thanksgiving. He wasn’t joking. It happened.

Faris said it wasn’t just Thanksgiving Chris fed her family squirrels, it was many times. Her brother and her husband started harvesting squirrels over the holidays and have to cook it outside because her mom refuses to have the smell of cooking squirrel in her kitchen.

She explained that it’s seasoned heavily because, well, it’s squirrel. “Imagine you’re eating like the tiniest little thigh bones.”

Hopefully they’re served with nuts because nothing makes eating an animal more enjoyable than taunting it’s cooked body with the food they love.

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