Dennis Rodman Explains His North Korea Trip

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un are practically bffs now so it’s not surprising that he’s in North Korea to play a basketball game for Un’s birthday. For whatever reason, Rodman, our foremost NK political analyst, ended up on Chris Cuomo’s show on CNN to talk about his trip. During the segment, Rodman was asked if he was going to ask Un about Kenneth Bae, the American sitting in a North Korean prison.

Doing his best pro-wrestling promo, Rodman shouted, “The one thing about politics, Kenneth Bae did one thing. If you understand, if you understand what Kenneth Bae did. Do you understand what he did? In this country? You tell me. You tell me. Why is he held captive?”

Reading the transcript, it doesn’t sound like he’s defending North Korea’s actions so much as it sounds like Dennis Rodman is seriously asking what Bae did that put him in jail. Like he has no idea what’s going on.

Kim Jong Un must be treating Rodman like royalty and giving him tons of hookers for him to defend NK as much as he is because I was looking at the shadows and trying to find a silhouette of a gun being pointed at them, but I didn’t see any. His friends do look a little worried though. Like they’re going to be fed to a pack of hungry dogs or shot with an anti-aircraft gun.

(H/T: Dlisted)

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Jason B
9 years ago

The minute you ask Rodman a question, just sit back and watch the fireworks. The most entertaining, incoherent man on the planet.