Dennis Rodman Sang Happy Birthday to Kim Jong Un, Loses in Basketball Game to North Korea

Dennis Rodman made a spectacle of himself in North Korea on Wednesday. After defending Kim Jong Un on CNN the other day, he led a singalong of “Happy Birthday” to glorious leader before losing in a basketball game to the North Korean dream team.

To clarify. Dennis Rodman, an ex-NBA player, and his merry band of 6’4”+ cohorts lost to a North Korean team comprised of the only 10 people in Best Korea over 5’10” with a final score of 47-39. Good news for the NK team for having escaped execution but I call shenanigans.

They later mixed the teams up which went a lot better which just means they were able to show off more because there’s no threat of embarrassing North Korea.

After Kim emerged to cheering crowds that for several minutes wished him long life — ending only when the leader hushed them — Rodman gave an impromptu speech, then he led the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday” to Kim.

Rodman’s squad and a North Korean team played two games, Cokerell said. The first featured his team in a 20-minute match in a loss against the North Korean squad. The second game pitted squads with Western and North Korean players on each team, he said.

“That game was actually much better; there was a lot of showboating, showing off, alley-oops, slam-dunks and that sort of thing,” he said.

In every video of Rodman and his friends, Rodman is the only one that looks enthusiastic to be there. Everyone else looks miserable. Like if they said something wrong, their next basketball game would be in a concentration camp. And instead of playing with a basketball, it’d be with a rock. And it wouldn’t be so much shooting baskets with the rock as it would be putting that rock through a rat’s head because they haven’t eaten in 10 days. So, really, they wouldn’t be playing basketball at all. I’m sorry. I may have described this wrong initially.

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9 years ago

LBJ & Jordan should have gone there too.