Farrah Abraham Writing a Christian Parenting Book

Farrah Abraham is a real renaissance woman. Following her sex fiction and sex toy line which includes plastic casts of her vagina, Farrah is writing another book. This time a parenting book grounded in Christian faith.

Because if there’s one thing Farrah Abraham knows, it’s anal sex. If there’s another thing Farrah Abraham kind of knows, it’s how to raise a child. After all, she does have one of her own and it’s not dead yet so she’s practically an expert.

Of course, people may laugh at the prospect of Farrah writing a Christian parenting book, but she really knows her stuff. Like, did you know that, according to Farrah, if your baby has a unibrow you should go ahead and wax that? God hates unibrows.

Also, this is going to be hard for some parents to hear, but when your kid turns 4, you should let them have some “me” time. In fact, they should start thinking about supporting themselves. They’re practically adults at that point. You can’t hold their hand forever, you know.

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