The Guy Kanye Punched Wants to Get Paid

The 18-year-old who called Kanye West the n-word and then got punched 30 times for his trouble wants a payout of several hundred thousand dollars. The kid has been avoiding police and does not want to go through a public trial. His lawyer has been calling Kanye’s people saying it can stay that way… for a price.

I’m sure the conversation went something like: It would be a shame for more details to come out. “You know your client called our client and his girlfriend the n-word, right?” Yes, it would be such a shame.

Anyway, you know what they say. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to instigate a fight with a mega celebrity by hurling racial epithets at them and you feed him for a lifetime. Or at least a few years depending on how many hookers and how much blow he buys.

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8 years ago

someone please put a bullet thru kanye’s skull..

8 years ago

Kuntye will still have to pay. Unless Eric Holder decides, usually “words” are no defense for assault. BTW, did Kim run her face through the grinder again? Her face looks “different.” Not good, but not the same.

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