Jon Gosselin Got a Vasectomy

Fantastic news, you guys. There will be no more little Gosselins running around because Jon Gosselin got a vasectomy. He told Wendy Williams on Tuesday that he and his girlfriend have made medically sure they would have no more kids.

“We can’t have more kids,” said Gosselin. “I’m fixed and [girlfriend Liz Jannetta] is fixed.” Jannetta already has 3 children.

Jon also mentioned that he was a millionaire by the time Jon and Kate Plus 8 hit its fourth season but lost a half-million in a TLC breach of contract lawsuit after he left the show early. As for the other half, 80% of his and Kate’s earnings were put into a trust for their children’s education which is probably the most sensible thing those two have ever done.

Now that Jon is fixed, hopefully Kate gets her tubes tied. That or someone repeatedly kicks her in the uterus until it gets knotted.

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