Justin Bieber Raid Produces Lil Za Arrest

Police arrested Lil Za during the raid on Justin Bieber’s house yesterday. While they were searching among Bieber’s leather parachute pants, they found a white powdery substance belonging to Lil Za. Tests confirmed it was Molly, not cocaine. Luckily for him, this only means less than 1 year in jail. If it was cocaine, it would have been 3 years.

Not that it matters. With a name like Lil Za and the fact that he lives with Bieber as his boytoy, you can tell he’s a hard ass mothef*cker. Jail will be a cakewalk for him. “Yo, who you roll with?” Justin Bieber. *Sound of fly unzipping*

Proving how smart Bieber’s friends are, Lil Za was about to post bail when he was arrested again for smashing a jailhouse phone.

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