Kate Gosselin’s Kids Don’t Want Any Part of This

Kate Gosselin brought her two twins, Mady and Cara, on the Today show to have them tell everyone they’re doing fine. Except, it didn’t really work out that way. The show started with the girls being tongue tied and basically ended with Kate speaking for them.

The segment started awkwardly with the girls not answering questions posed by TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie and instead just looking at their mother and each other.

Kate Gosselin prompted them to speak, saying, “It’s your chance, spit it out.” She and the girls were recently featured on the cover of People magazine as part of her campaign to show the kids are doing well.

“This is the most wordless I’ve heard them all morning,” Kate said. “I don’t want to speak for them but, Mady, go ahead. Sort of the things that you said in (People) magazine, that years later they’re good, they’re fine. Go for it, it’s your chance.”

“No,” Mady replied, smiling. “You just said it.”

The car ride home must have been awkward. “Look what you did. You ruined it for me! How humiliating! Do you want me to get a reality show or not?! Argh, I hate you!,” Kate probably whined.

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Jason B
8 years ago

“Damn kids! You dance when I say dance dammit! How could you freeze up like that!?” Warms my heart to think her children might not be tools for the media like ol’ mom and pop.

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