Keri Russell Is All Lithe Again

Keri Russell, who recently separated from her husband, posed for the February 2014 issue of GQ. The theme was her FX show The Americans which is why she’s straddling her co-star Matthew Rhys. Rawr.

In case you didn’t know, Russell’s character basically has sex with everyone in the series because that’s what female Cold War sleeper agents did during that time.

“It’s not this big sweeping romantic movie where you have to be so in love and so beautiful and so sexy,” she said of the Americans. “You’re usually using the sexuality, at least in the spy end of it, to get something,” she continued. “So there is kind of a freedom in that, because it’s kind of messier or more direct than that.”

So next time your weird uncle brags about how much he got laid in the 80’s, it was probably with some Russian spy trying to get the code to his safe.

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