Lindsay Lohan’s Laptop Full of Naked Pics Was Stolen

While at the airport in Shanghai, China, Lindsay Lohan had her laptop full of nudes stolen. According to Lindsay, there were pictures from various photo shoots where she got naked that were never supposed to be released. There are also private conversations with famous people including Woody Allen and Lady Gaga that she doesn’t want people to know about.

She’s offered to do whatever it takes to get it back. Whatever. It. Takes. *Winks at thief* She tweeted, “It was great to be in China and I want to thank everyone for their hospitality, however someone has stolen my computer at the airport …offering a reward for anyone who can retrieve and return it, bummer o go home without it.”

That is to say, in about a week or so, we’re going to have a bunch of topless photos of her floating around online causing Lindsay to be outraged as if it’s the first time we’ve seen her tits.

If you’re wondering what she was doing in Shanghai in the first place, Lindsay was there on Monday for the Sohu Fashion Achievement Awards where she was named Fashion Idol of the Year by people who couldn’t get anyone else to show up. It was an honor.

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8 years ago

She’s out of rehab trying to resuscitate her career and what a surprise, her laptop full of naked pics gets stolen.

It’s only me that thinks damn, those thieves have perfect timing ;)

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