Miss Venezuela Murdered During a Robbery

Monica Spear won Miss Venezuela back in 2004 and represented her country at Miss Universe 2005 where she finished 4th. Afterward she became a popular telenovela actress most recently acting inĀ Flor Salvaje.

This past week, Spear spent New Year’s with her ex-husband, who worked in the travel industry, and their 5-year-old daughter in the mountains of western Venezuela. On Monday, they were traveling back on an isolated stretch of highway when their tires were punctured by objects robbers had planted on the road.

Two tow trucks arrived immediately after to take the car away but the couple locked themselves inside when they noticed the robbers. The assailants fired six shots into the car killing both Spear and her ex-husband leaving their 5-year-old wounded.

Five suspects under the age of 18 have been arrested. It’s not yet been determined if Spear or her ex had called the tow trucks or if the drivers were in on it.

The high profile murders have caused people to speak out about the country’s rising crime rate and asking for action.

Yikes, I need you guys to hold on a second. Alright, I’m back. Sorry, I just went to cross “Venezuela” off my list of countries to visit.

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10 years ago

There’s a culture of corruption there…she is a stunning example of what’s wrong with Central and South America. Our ugly, little secret,