This Is What the New Ninja Turtles Will Look Like and It’s Not That Bad

With Michael Bay adapting the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and making them aliens or whatever, people don’t have a lot of confidence in the film. Though now that the first images of Shredder and Donatello are all over the interwebs, a few are starting to dangerously think, “Hey, this might not be so bad afterall.”

Shredder (William Fichtner) looks pretty badass and his outfit already gives me halfie but there’s way too much metal on him. It looks like he got dressed in a junkyard. This is how I imagine 10-year-old me would make him look.

If you’re going to reimagine the turtles, Donatello’s Leonardo’s new look is as good as any. But why does he have a sword? Leonardo is going to be so pissed. So this is supposed to be Leonardo. The color was throwing me off. I take it all back. I’m sorry, Donatello.

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8 years ago

It has a Sword because it is Leonardo. Donatello’s on the 3rd pic.

The Blemish
8 years ago
Reply to  Rodrigo

That’s what I was thinking. But the mask color was throwing me off.

Jason B
8 years ago

I’m shocked and how this actually looks like it could be enjoyable. Michael Bay is notorious for s**t and raping childhood dreams, but hmm…

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