These Photos Capture The Moment a Woman Was Struck and Killed by Lightning

Proving that Mother Nature cares not for human life, a 36-year-old tourist visiting Guarujá’s beach in São Paulo was killed after she was struck by lightning.

For whatever reason, the tourist was running towards the water in the middle of a storm when she was hit. She was taken to the ER but died minutes after the accident.

“[The problem gets worse] In this time of the year, because we’re in a very humid region, on the coast, so there’s a lot of air humidity, because of summer and sea proximity. Obviously there’s another aggravating factor, which is the high density of cities with a lot of buildings and cars, which increases the frequency of lightning”, says the climatologist.

According to Bonafim, the lightning bolt must have struck the woman directly, and didn’t affect the nearby people.

“Lightning is punctual, but whoever was around could’ve been hit. There’s no way to know for sure, but it’s believed that the lightning struck the woman directly, given by the immediate death. If it wasn’t right on her, the victim could’ve suffered only an injury that could’ve been fixed by cardiac massage”, says the climatologist.

Bonafim believes that stricter rules should be made on beaches, to prevent this kind of accident.

“The warnings aren’t being enough. People really anxious about going to the beach and don’t listen to safety recommendations. Ideally the place should be cleared, and entry should be forbidden during a thunderstorm”, alerts the specialist.

Or, you know, stop running around in the middle of a lightning storm.

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