Seth Peterson of ‘Burn Notice’ Is Banging a 22-Year-Old, He’s Still Married

Good news: Miranda Doerfler, a 22-year-old writer, and Seth Peterson, from Burn Notice, are officially a couple. Hooray!

Bad news: Seth Peterson is still married to Kylee Cochran. Oooh.

Kind of bad, kind of good news: Kylee has filed for divorce claiming Seth ditched her back in September to move in with his 22-year-old side piece while she was 3 months pregnant with their 3rd child. Yikes.

Kylee is 7 months along now and is asking the judge for spousal support and full custody of all the kids. She says Seth is fine with this and that if he wants visitation rights, they need to be supervised because he has an alleged drug problem.

There probably won’t be a lot of arguments from Seth. Guy is banging a 22-year-old now. You know how much energy 22-year-olds have? He’s not going to have time for his 3 kids anyway.

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9 years ago

OMG. She is uglier than sin. My god, he must be blind, or he wears a blindfold and she gives awesome beejers. Yikes.