Shia LaBeouf Will Humiliate Himself For You

Shia LaBeouf wants to pay penance for plagiarizing Daniel Clowes’ work. He wants to do it the only way he knows how. By making it all about himself. LaBeouf has contacted at least four galleries in the LA area about doing a performance art piece where viewers are given the chance to either forgive him or humiliate him.

“We got an inquiry from him,” gallery owner Francois Ghebaly tells THR. “We responded that we’d be interested to discuss it with him. Nothing is sure at all.”

Shia’s proposal describes the show. It’s called #IAMSORRY and features pliers, whiskey, Belgian chocolates, Transformers toys, printed-out Twitter comments on folded paper and a ukelele.

“For 7 days, Shia will sit at a table in a small, boxy room at the rear of a Los Angeles gallery,” it reads. “It is not clear if this is actually Shia, or an imposter. A paper bag will cover his head, emblazoned with the words ‘I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE.’”

A long table, holding the assortment of items, or “implements” as LaBeouf calls them, would be on hand to be used by visitors however they wanted. “It will be made clear that they can do what they please with this item,” reads the proposal. LaBeouf – or the imposter – “will remain silent throughout … He will be subjected to humiliation or forgiveness at the visitor’s discretion.”

You probably shouldn’t let anyone who reads this site near that gallery. 5 minutes in, there’s a 100% chance someone is going to take those pliers and leave him nippleless.

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