Snoop Dogg Smoked Out His Hotel Room, Posed With Firefighters

Snoop Dogg, currently in Melbourne for the Big Day Out festival, thought it’d be a good idea to smoke out in his hotel room. It wasn’t because he set off the fire alarm.

Firefighters responded and ran into Snoop Dogg who asked for a photo because he’s always wanted to be a firefighter.

Bowen described the rapper and his entourage as a friendly bunch. “If you didn’t know who they were you would just think they were very friendly, ordinary people.

“It was an amazing chance encounter, which would probably be one of the highlights of my 26 years with the MFB.”

Asked what caused the alarm to go off in Snoop’s room, the fire brigade had no comment. Let’s just say it took them one Del Taco stop and an extra hour to get back to the station.

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