‘Young and Restless’ Star Fired for Groping Co-Star’s Breasts

Michael Muhney plays the popular Adam Newman on The Young & the Restless. Well, at least he did until he was fired for sexually harassing his co-star.

Sources tell TMZ that Michael was terminated last month for allegedly grabbing the breasts of his co-star, 20-year-old Hunter King. Hunter complained to the higher-ups that he had done it not once, but twice. Both times unwarranted. This is what some workplaces would call “a no-no.”

Muhney, who’s married with 3 kids, has been a problem on set for a while. He’s allegedly bullied and harassed not only Hunter but others. In a recent interview with HuffPo Canada after getting fired, he admitted, “Sometimes I’ve walked around with a big backpack of hubris.”

The news isn’t that shocking considering this is Hollywood where an actress can’t go a week without a married actor trying to motorboat her breasts and leaving an imprint of their face in cocaine dust.

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9 years ago

Both times during a “sex scene.” Go figure.