Amanda Bynes Greatly Regrets Asking Drake To Murder Her Vagina

Now that Amanda Bynes isn’t crazy anymore, she’s starting to feel emotions normal people feel like regret, humility and embarrassment. In fact, she’s feeling all three of those things right now.

A source tells TMZ that Amanda is almost back to her old self and that she’s horrified about tweeting last year “I want Drake to murder my vagina.” The fact Drake called her a weirdo afterward probably didn’t help either.

Bynes has also stopped smoking weed, is getting rid of those terrible tattoos and people are no longer afraid to talk to her.

Most impressive … Amanda is now at FIDM — the Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising in Orange County — and she’s become so self-confident she makes presentations to her entire class and freely interacts with her classmates.

It’s an inspiring turnaround for someone who was well on their way to collecting cats and throwing them at people while screaming gibberish. She’s probably still a terrible driver though.

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8 years ago

Who says she’s not crazy anymore?

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