Bill Nye Debated Creationist Ken Ham Last Night

Last night, Bill Nye debated Creationist Ken Ham. It was pointless because it was obvious neither side was going to convince the other that they were right no matter how much evidence or “evidence” they had. If you have almost 3 hours to spare, you can watch it below. If you have even more time and love grating videos, you can watch a creationist post-debate show. I couldn’t make it past the 1 minute mark.

Following the debate, Buzzfeed did a nice job of getting self-identified Creationists to write a message, question or note to Evolutionists. Here are some of the better ones.

Let me give you a piece of advice. That awkward silence you hear? It’s not because they’re (there/their) stumped.

I have never heard of this. Is he talking about Scientology? Actually, does anyone know what he’s talking about?

I don’t even…

Did she just say science is not testable, observable nor repeatable?

This girl obviously writes for Viral Nova.

Because evolution doesn’t mean that when one species evolves the one they evolved from comp… wait, why am I even trying to explain this.

If you want to see notes from people who believe in evolution written for Creationists, Buzzfeed has that too. Theirs are way more trollish.

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Alvin Verum
Alvin Verum
7 years ago

Frankly if what evolutionary scientists say is true then the evolution / creation debate should have been settled 100,000 years ago. God spoke into existence a universe with the appearance of age. It has to be this way. Everything created by man has an appearance of age especially when taking into account the sum and history of a product and its parts. To me the most amazing thing is that around the globe “Recorded History” is recognized at about 4-6000 years BC. Isn’t it fascinating that with the millions upon millions of years we have with humans evolving in complexity… Read more »

Alvin Verum
Alvin Verum
7 years ago
Reply to  Alvin Verum

Doesn’t it seem peculiar that humans have only recently figured out the intricacies of written/visual communication and the means to accomplish this “higher level of communication”. These facts, against the backdrop of millions and millions of years of evolution seem to make the evolutionary model implausible. Evolutionists are not fighting creationists at this point they are trying to fight historical facts. We should be discussing existing documentation that goes back hundreds of thousands if not millions of years…but there is none. It is too much to swallow that it took millions of years to get to an era when knowledge… Read more »

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