Bird Smashes Plane Windshield In Florida

While flying into Page Field at 170 mph, a blurry ball of bird tore through the windshield and hit Rob Weber right in the face.

Robert Weber was flying the nearest airport, Page Field in Florida, when the bird flew straight into his pilot-side window, sending shards of glass and feathers flying. slow motion
Slowed cockpit footage shows the bird exploding on contact and Mr Weber’s frantic struggle to regain control of the light craft.

Speaking to reporters, still bearing a cut to his forehead that he suffered in the strike, Mr Weber explained how he managed to keep his composure and safely land the plane.

“The windscreen just exploded,” he said.

“First thing that came to mind was the first thing I was told when I started flying, and that was ‘just fly the f—ing plane’.

If it’s not terrorists you have to worry about in the sky, it’s suicidal birds crashing through your windshield. This is why I never fly. I never go anywhere actually. Hmph.

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