The Craigslist Murderer’s Body Count Went Way Down

Last Friday, 19-year-old Miranda Barbour confessed to killing at least 22 people she met on Craigslist. She was labeled a modern day Dexter even though their similarities end at killing people they think deserved it.

However, her dad says she’s a liar and to not believe anything she says. At most, it’s possible she killed one other person bringing her body count to a paltry 2.

Sonny Dean also told The Daily Item newspaper on Wednesday that he believes his 19-year-old daughter, Miranda Barbour, may have been involved in one other murder besides the Nov. 11 fatal stabbing of Troy LaFerrara, 42, in Sunbury.

Dean told The Daily Item that his daughter loved the drugs and was known to lie.

Dean told the newspaper that his daughter was a heroin addict and is a liar and manipulator, but he doesn’t think she is a mass murderer. “Miranda lives in a fantasy world,” he said.

“Believe very little of what Miranda says,” said Dean, of Texas. “She has a long history of extreme manipulation and dishonesty.”

He goes on to explain that there were only two times Miranda was unaccounted for.

“The reason I think that the Alaska incident is a possibility is that Miranda ran away from home at least two times that I remember, both for over a 48-hour period,” he said. “Once was around the age of 13 and once was sometime the following year, when she was 14. I don’t know what took place during either of those 48-hour periods.”

Did she even join a cult or watch the cult leader kill a man in cold blood? Doubt has been cast. Satanists everywhere are questioning their faith right now. “Why have you forsaken us, Dark One?!”

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