Don’t Know What ‘Eye Sex’ Is? These Gifs Will Help You Understand

Eye sex, eye f*cking, come hither look, f*ck me eyes, bedroom eyes. Don’t know what any of those mean? Imagine Jessica Simpson’s eyes when she sees a key lime pie or Lindsay Lohan’s when she sees an unguarded line of coke. If that doesn’t do it for you, maybe more visual examples might.

One Redditor’s friend had never heard of any of these terms either so being the helpful person they were, they found 10 gifs that perfectly illustrate the definition.

01 - p6FfxOH

02 - gdJOADc

03 - TW12TME

04 - pMAUuaE

05 - AX4hUDn

06 - 7a3avPt

07 - scQYbOc

08 - iLVRzeg

09 - H99HV3e

10 - VIuqVN0

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