Farrah Abraham Closed Her Backdoor, Wants to Become a Virgin

Farrah Abraham has shut the backdoor and even the frontdoor. Farrah, who has another porno out featuring sex swings and more James Deen, told Life & Style that the sex film she made ruined her life and she’s now taken a vow of celibacy. She says she wants to be a virgin forever.

“People use sex for power and manipulation when sex is supposed to be enjoyable and great,” she told Life & Style. “I don’t feel that, I want to be a virgin forever — or a nun.

“I don’t feel like sex is what it used to be.”

First of all, Farrah Abraham might not grasp the concept of virginity. You can’t get railed by a porn star and then decide to be a virgin the next day. Second of all, of course sex isn’t what it used to be. She’s had James Deen up her butt. I’m pretty sure Farrah’s anal cavity could double as an echo chamber now.

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Brent Busch
Brent Busch
8 years ago

One amazingly dumb girl.

8 years ago

This from a girl who told Howard Stern that “she masterbates 2 her own “porn tape”…alot!”, not 2 mention how proud she is selling plastic molds of her cootchycoo! Now Vivid can release 1more butt flik after Farrahbackdoorandmore, then she’ll finaly b telling the truth, bragging bout havin her very own “Trilogy” out. @22yrs old she’s all washed up & she did it 2 herself cuz u cant just go lie everyday on evry1 thats in ur life!!

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