The Guy That Got a Broncos Super Bowl Champs Tattoo Seems Pretty Happy

After Seattle demolished Denver in the Super Bowl, a photo of a guy with a tattoo showing the Broncos logo with “XLVIII Champs” written underneath made it’s way around the web. He was rightfully called an idiot by pretty much everyone. Well Tuscon News Now found the guy and he doesn’t seem too worried.

“It actually became an idea a week and a half before that, and I was talking to my best friend about it and he was trying to talk me out of it,” he said. But Kingman went ahead with the idea anyway. “It came out great!” he said.

Sacred Art Tattoo artist Jibo Barrow was a little weary about doing the tattoo. “I kind of laughed at him and I said something like, well you know Seattle’s going to win. He said I want it anyway,” said Barrow. He said he did everything he could to try to give Kingman and out. “I said ‘Okay, do you want to leave the Champs off?'” he said.

Flash forward to game night. Kingman held onto hope the Broncos would make a comeback in the second half against the Seattle Seahawks. He said they never showed up to the game. “Okay, I think this is over and I think there’s going to be some backlash on this,” Kingman said.

That very first play of the very first drive. That’s the exact moment regret must have set in.

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