Internet Detectives Deduce Katy Perry Might Be Engaged

Seeing how it was Valentine’s last week you’d expect at least one person to be cheesy enough to propose over the weekend. And propose John Mayer did. Maybe. New photos of the two leaving dinner Friday night at the Sunset Towers Hotel has everyone wondering whether or not Mayer popped the question. This because of some jewelry on Katy Perry’s ring finger.

She made no attempt to hide the previously unseen bling on her ring finger, clutching her phone with her left hand as they made their way out into the night together.

Aside from the piece of jewellery, Katy was dressed to the nines in a high-waisted polka dot skirt and a tight black off the shoulder top showing off her slim and toned arms.

No confirmation yet from Katy Perry but if I was her and I agreed to marry John Mayer, I’d keep that s**t quiet too.

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