Jonathan Keith Is Joe Simpson’s New ‘Client’

Papa Joe Simpson has a new client for his management company, JT ENT. His name is Jonathan Keith and he’s a 6’2” male model. Joe and his new boytoy hit Miami beach last weekend where Joe was seen standing over Jonathan taking pictures of him as he lay prone on the sand. Afterward, they went sunbathing together. By all accounts, it was pretty gay.

Joe and Jon are apparently in Miami looking for modeling gigs so this was for their portfolio. Which Joe probably keeps in unmarked folders on his computer.

According to a source, JK is fresh off the boat from Scotland and Joe has been managing Jonathan for the past 5 months. Though that fresh from Scotland thing is a little suspect since his LinkedIn profile says he went to Saddleback College and Aliso Niguel high school in Mission Viejo, CA.

Here’s his Instagram in case you wanted to take a look at who Papa Joe is “grooming.” Oh and Joe has yet to come out of the closet. In fact, he’s already issued a denial.

Yea, because straight dudes romp around the beach taking pictures of other dudes writhing around in the sand all the time.

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