Julia Roberts Drove Her Half-Sister Nancy Motes to Suicide

Julia Roberts really is a monster. Reports are coming in that Nancy Motes, who committed suicide by way of overdose last Sunday, left a five page letter. Shockingly, three of those pages were dedicated to how much of an asshole her sister Julia Roberts is and says that she was the one that drove her to kill herself.

Then there was one page telling her mom how much she loved her and one more page apologizing to her fiance, John Dilbeck.

The letter isn’t the first time she went off on Julia either. In a tweet as recent as Jan. 20, Motes wrote about how cold Julia is. “So my ‘sister’ said that with all her friends & fans she doesn’t need any more love. Just so you all know ‘America’s Sweetheart’ is a B—-!!'” She later tweeted, “Do you want to be a fan of someone so cruel? She’s not even that good of an actress. Happy you totally F—ed with me?” And then, “(M)y own family has abandoned me.”

The tweets have since been scrubbed from Motes’ Twitter account.

Roberts is known in Hollywood for being a bitch but this suicide note really drives the point home. I mean, she wrote five pages and three of those were about how much she hated her sister. Jesus. I’d be surprised if they don’t find a notebook filled entirely with scribbles that read “Die Julia!” I bet if Julia even shows up to the funeral, her eulogy would go something like, “Hopefully Nancy is at peace now. And just think about all the weight she’s going to lose!”

  • bobalouski

    Julia looks like a fucking PEZ dispenser with that gaping maw of hers…why anyone finds her attractive is a mystery to me.

    • DavidH

      I don’t get it either

  • boo boo

    All you have to do is read about what she did to her now husbands former spouse to see what she’s all about. She’s a desperate, unsophisticated, spiteful, disgusting wretch who treats her neighbors, fans, and family like shit. Her brother runs circles around her “acting”. The only reason she did ok in August: Osage County is because she was playing her bitter, bitchy self. She sucks.

  • Vivienne Eggers

    This celebrity bashing is DISGUSTING and you should be on notice it is also a CRIMINAL OFFENCE to use libel and other means to discriminate against another person. The author of this article has no depth and has broken the law with those defamatory statements. You can be prosecuted and if not in your own country – in others that will recognise your cybercrime. The other comments on this blog are those of low life immature jealousy. You don’t even know this person – yet you are publicly blaming her for killing her sister! When you read your own messages – its not hard to see why you think that someone can “drive” another through bullying and abuse – as that’s what you are all doing. Whatever you think of her professionally – none of you know her as a person, nor do you really have any direct knowledge of actual facts about her family relationships. Families often slag off their members due to sibling rivalry and the same jealousy that you write these horrible posts. What do you all do it for? Do you think that it makes you a better person to abuse others? Do you think it pays them back for you not having what you think they have – which you obviously think they are better than you and that’s why you are so immature, bitter and twisted. Don’t think you will keep getting away with public abuse online – one day you might need to be defended under human rights law – the basis of every constitution is human rights law. If you find the stick on you think back to your own behaviour and what you are doing to yourself as well as others. Its got to stop. Its 2014 and the media is encouraging evil shallow abuse.

    • Vivienne Eggers

      For the record – I don’t have any professional or personal association with Roberts – I once saw a documentary she had filmed as part of her charity work in Mongolia where she slept out in the rough filming for several months the horse people and their natural way of life and it left an impression upon me. You might watch it and see a more personal insight to her. Or not. I only know from personal experience and from supporting others who have suffered because of this type of abuse. It is true that celebrity and media world seems to provide an image that this sort of behaviour is “the way it should be to be popular” but think to the genocides – how Rwandans were swayed by media to killing their own. It may seem when looking out at them – many celebrities are doing things that are “above the law” buying with their money and money purchased influenced networks – and this may be so in many cases – but it doesn’t help human society to attack and resent and be jealous. Its time we changed our behaviours and stop justifying or pretending we don’t know that abuse like this can also physically and psychologically damage a person – by distorting and trying to sway others against a person or their activity – you can really destroy their lives. Do you really want to be part of that? If so, then be prepared for it to come back on you tenfold. You support a society that destroys. Lets get on with living with whatever we’ve got to make the best of our short time in one mortal body on the planet.

      • jan

        Julia, go away. You have done enough damage.

        • Vivienne Eggers

          And what damage have YOU done Jan? With your anonymous profile and posting? How many people have you put down because of your own issues that you project on to others. That is where we never heal – looking at others and resenting doesn’t change what we are ourselves.

          • jan

            Do you think you are healing people by bashing a dead woman who made it clear she was bullied to death?

            There is one person whose life was destroyed here and it wasn’t you, Julia.

            • Vivienne Eggers

              And what are you doing now – if not “bashing” someone and bullying them? Your identity can be traced. Your behaviour is out of line. You have absolutely no idea about Julia’s relationship with her family any more than she knows anything about the things you do in life. Your jealousy is way out of proportion to a normal life – projected at a celebrity.

            • Vivienne Eggers

              And why am I speaking out? Because look at what’s happening to society! Look at how many people in America especially think the “in” thing to do is go out and take a vendetta against someone – because you don’t respect yourselves you hurt others and its starts with envy.

            • jan

              I am sorry you feel that way.

              I’m not bashing or bullying you, I
              think you are being unwittingly cruel because for some reason you
              identify with Julia Roberts.

              You act like it’s a crime to use
              privacy settings, how strange. If you managed to trace me you would see
              that I have a history of reaching out and defending people who are
              being bullied on these forums. That is what I am doing now.

              There is a death involved in this situation, please show some respect where your friend Julia did not.


              you have something positive to add on this public forum towards the
              memory of Nancy Motes and those who loved her, that would be a better thing to do.

            • Vivienne Eggers

              Lets make this clear. It is not a crime to use privacy settings, but it IS a crime to defame someone. Under libel laws and not only that but UNDHR human rights discrimination.

              Contrary to your statements – I am not accusing you of bashing me. I will make this simple. I am observing that YOU are in fact performing the act that you accuse Ms Roberts of. You are in a public forum accusing her of through direct chain of causation (tort law) of killing her sister through bullying abuse.

              Not only that – you base it on a bunch of public criminals -(because they are appear guilty of defamation and human rights abuse) that are blog pages and tabloid newspapers such as this one “The Blemish” which overtly (openly) incites hatred and abuse through criminally implicating a woman – most likely because she is perceived by the mainstream as successful, rich and powerful. Most likely because they are jealous. But its no excuse Jan.

              For a start – you cannot possibly naively believe that the stuff you see printed in these columns is actually true! You just want to think it is. Because you also have suffered abuse in your earlier years and that is also why you bear a grudge – Roberts reminds you of what you think you are not. What you are really is a beautiful being inside – but it seems completely screwed up by what you experience in the world – through trash media that is basically trying to incite people to hatred – and setting a bad role model. That is because the people who are attracted to write and make these stories are really immature and unwilling or as yet not ready in consciousness to take responsibility for themselves and heal themselves and get help if they need it. Instead they want to blame and hate and point the finger and bring up their children. They use their voice with the public to provide an image that they are popular and everyone is like them. But they are not popular – they are in fact a minority in this world. Most people don’t even bother to take notice of these columns – but the few who do = are usually people who have issues themselves – sometimes mental health problems and sometimes just plain ignorance and non exposure to greater truth in life.

              These articles are shallow and designed to entertain the bitchy side or demon aspect of the human animus. A human has the choice – because they comprise both light and dark – but it is their own values and self respect and compassion for other humans that lets them be more objective and seek more uplifting and “real” life matters – things that are really interesting to people – not just bullshit projected by a media by desperate people who want to be popular because they are empty inside.

              There are some real things happening in our world – the planet needs us to live sustainably now – to do this we need to start behaving like we are in 2014 and not some barbaric ignorants who have been given technology and sophistication by aliens before being ready for it emotionally and consciously.

              You say you have defended people. But it is you I am pointing out that is on this page – joining (remember bully or bystander and you are playing the role of the bully) other bullies to put down a human being that you don’t know but have built a fantasy around – because of the image or personality that actor wants to portray to the word – on and off screen. Actors and public people act outside of the movie set – they do it because their careers depend on the media supporting them and sometimes they put up with negative publicity because it still gets them the attention and then they are still high ranked and paid accordingly.

              But they are not the “real world”. They are of 2% of the world’s population and a smaller percentile within that band. Real people don’t live like that and don’t want to. You don’t what Roberts does when she goes home and closes her door. If you do you wouldn’t be writing on here. Your opinion of her is based on something that has been written to get ratings and attention. I am amazed you believe it. And even if it were true – who are you to judge – when you know neither her nor her sister – as to what went on in that relationship? Even if her sister did write those letters – how do you know whether she was like it seems so many others – in an angry and resentful jealous phase herself? How do you know she didn’t just make those statements because she resented her? Or because she also had a mental health issue? Or even if she wrote them at all? And if she did or didn’t – what business is it of yours or mine? Why should you want to tell the world what side of the toilet she shits in. All you do is make it obvious how much you really hate. And that for me is the tragedy. I find it tragic that you seem to hate yourself so much that you spend your time putting down a person you don’t know. You know there are lifelines and places you can reach out to. You don’t need to attach to a movie star. They are just images on a screen – that’s all they are. Actors – playing a role in life. You need to start loving yourself – your inner child and giving yourself permission to be loved by others and then you will feel less the victim. It is the angry child within – not an evolved human soul that behaves that way.

              I think you are worth it – or I wouldn’t have taken the time to connect with you in this page. Don’t waste your energy and put out harmful negativity into the universe. It always comes back on you and circles you like a shield. I know how much a burden it can be to carry the abuses and persecutions of others – truly I do – first hand. I also know how the toxicity of others abuse can destroy a person’s life and their energy field is under constant attack. We are spirit having a human experience but we are all one. Lets not attack each other. By making the decision to rise above gutter bitching and instead choosing to focus on why you feel like that – why it causes you to feel that way – is a step to healing and then you can let more light into your own life. This does not take away the fact that you were wronged as a child but think South Africa and reconciliation. I know personally to hold the abuse of others can cause you to lash out – but it just results in more negative energy and we as a race need to unite now with a bit more wisdom and compassion – most of us are anyway. Most people as I said – do not even visit these pages or take notice of them.

            • jan


              Who is the naive one here. I also find you quite aggressive.
              This is ridiculous, I’m out.

            • Vivienne Eggers

              Yes there you go again – attacking is the fight or flight reaction of the human animal. Its ridiculous to you because you feel challenged. You attack first her, then me and then accuse me of being aggressive – but I am reaching you now from the heart – talking to you from the heart to your heart. Yet you did not hesitate to challenge and attack another. First fight and then flight – but it is the child inside that is reacting. I know. Wow indeed. Think about it the next time you attack. Counselling is good for people that have been attacked themselves.

            • guest

              Lol You are the attacker Viv.

            • Vivienne Eggers

              we can keep going if you like. An attacker is not the same as a person who interjects (contends) to give a person their opinion. I have not attacked you – only your behaviour – and moreso the behaviour of the people that incited to take advantage of people like you who are hurting inside by inciting you against another person. No one wins in this scenario and its about time we face up to this – we need to be honest about human behaviours instead of masking. You feel attacked by me because I am not agreeing with you and telling you why. But I am neither attacking your person nor withdrawing my love from you (compassionate love is meant). I am simply expressing my own opinion and I have some definite ones. Also I am sad for what you have had to go through in this life. This plane of existence is not easy and humans have made it worse for themselves – the more sophisticated they become in the way they live.

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