Julia Roberts Drove Her Half-Sister Nancy Motes to Suicide

Julia Roberts really is a monster. Reports are coming in that Nancy Motes, who committed suicide by way of overdose last Sunday, left a five page letter. Shockingly, three of those pages were dedicated to how much of an asshole her sister Julia Roberts is and says that she was the one that drove her to kill herself.

Then there was one page telling her mom how much she loved her and one more page apologizing to her fiance, John Dilbeck.

The letter isn’t the first time she went off on Julia either. In a tweet as recent as Jan. 20, Motes wrote about how cold Julia is. “So my ‘sister’ said that with all her friends & fans she doesn’t need any more love. Just so you all know ‘America’s Sweetheart’ is a B—-!!'” She later tweeted, “Do you want to be a fan of someone so cruel? She’s not even that good of an actress. Happy you totally F—ed with me?” And then, “(M)y own family has abandoned me.”

The tweets have since been scrubbed from Motes’ Twitter account.

Roberts is known in Hollywood for being a bitch but this suicide note really drives the point home. I mean, she wrote five pages and three of those were about how much she hated her sister. Jesus. I’d be surprised if they don’t find a notebook filled entirely with scribbles that read “Die Julia!” I bet if Julia even shows up to the funeral, her eulogy would go something like, “Hopefully Nancy is at peace now. And just think about all the weight she’s going to lose!”

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