Justin Bieber and His Friend Tag Teamed a Stripper’s Nipples

Justin Bieber and his friend Khalil Sharieff were photographed at a party sucking on a stripper’s big, fake breasts (NSFW here). Though Justin wasn’t so much as sucking on it as he was tearing at it like a KFC drumstick.

The stripper, who was old enough to be Justin’s mom, had a rainbow Playboy tattoo on her stomach. Much like the hologram on Upper Deck baseball cards, the rainbow bunny tattoo is a mark of authenticity.

Sources say she was hired to “perform” for Justin and friends at a party in a LA recording studio.

Justin and Khalil both had their eyes closed because the rule is it’s only gay if you make eye contact.

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8 years ago

It was nap time. So just some warm milk before they went down for their rest. No one wants to see wittle Justin get cranky.

Powdered Toast Man
8 years ago

I’m no Bieber expert, but that profile view doesn’t really look like him. I have no idea who this Khalil DB is, so no verdict on that one.

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