Kim Kardashian’s Ass Expanding Exponentially

A new report from In Touch Weekly claims Kim Kardashian’s ass won’t stop growing and she’s hired a full time tailor because of it.

“She spends hours getting ready and selecting her outfits. She gets her clothes tailored especially to accommodate her butt,” the Kardashian insider tells the mag. “It’s all just so over-the-top — she takes hours just to pick an outfit to go to lunch. She’d rather squeeze into something and say she’s a size smaller than be comfortable.”

Kim Kardashian recently shocked onlookers when she exited her SUV wearing suede capri pants that were a few sizes too small. “The pants didn’t fit her at all,” an eyewitness tells In Touch.

Her pants are not the only things Kim is trying to squeeze into. At a photo shoot with Kanye in early February, “One of the shots has Kim in a vintage chair, but the production staff had to spend three days custom-building it because her butt wouldn’t fit in the original,” an insider claims to In Touch. “Everybody was freaking out about it.”

I’m not sure why everyone is into huge asses. Especially black guys. I like a nice ass as much as the next dude but when it starts looking like unshaped Jell-O, the most I want to do with it is poke it and see how long it takes to stop wobbling.

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