Miley Cyrus Broke Up Robin Thicke and Paula Patton

Miley Cyrus is a homewrecker. Sources close to Robin Thicke and Paula Patton say Thicke’s performance with Miley at the VMAs sent Patton over the edge.

Sources connected to the couple tell TMZ … Paula Patton felt “utterly disrespected” when Robin virtually simulated sex with Miley the night of the VMAs. We’re told after the performance Paula got into a blow-out argument with Robin, telling him he insulted her before a huge national TV audience.

What really pissed Paula off is that the performance was a total surprise.  Miley improvised the raunchy part without warning, but Robin played along … and that enraged Paula.

Um, to be fair, Robin Thicke did dance around with a bunch of naked chicks in “Blurred Lines” for probably hours shooting while shooting that video so I don’t see how Miley Twerking on him would be that big of deal.

Sources say Paula went nuclear when she saw pictures surface of her hubby at one of the after-parties grabbing a woman’s ass … virtually digging inside.

We’re told things never got better after that. They argued constantly and Paula was furious Robin continued to party at clubs with various women … pictured at times getting very cozy.

I’d assume this is what really did it. Everyone knew the VMAs thing was just a performance. That photo with the chick though. It looked like Thicke was trying to check if she had a prostate. His hand was so far up there that he could have told her what she had for dinner the night before.

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Mark Dreher

No no.
Not technically, my dear.
Miley did not do it.

This fellow, was caught, in a photo, “grabbing a woman’s butt”.

What has Miley
To do with that?

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